Are you running a cake bakery business? Do you sometimes wonder how you can get many people to come to your shop? Well, the reality is that many cake shops are opening daily, and the big stores have also started having their own bakeries, making the competition even stiffer. This does not mean that there is no hope for small scale cake bakery shops. Some of the things you can do to attract more people to your shop include the following.

Have a Functional Website

Your website is what acts as a link between your business and the customers. There are many reasons why every business should have a website; among them, is to showcase what they have to offer and to make it easier for the customers to make an order. For a cake bakery, having a website also allows you to show off what you bake. Use captivating images that will make mouths water. Play with colour, update the website regularly and use a design that is easy to load. You should also have contact details and a guide on how people can find you and book your services.

Make Exceptional Cakes

It goes without saying that if you want people to request a cake, you have to step ahead of the game. Find out what the needs of your customers are, and do your best to tease their palates with delicious tasting cakes. Find ways of enriching your knowledge by reading books that make you a better baker.

Work on Your Location

When people come to your bakery shop, they want to get a good feeling about ordering from you. Neatness is a must; otherwise, you risk your shop being closed, and nobody will want to buy from you. Give your little shop a cosy feeling. You can add some details such as wall hangings from, custom made menus on the wall, images of tasty cakes on the shop sign, and other things that would attract more customers.

Use Social Media

In this day and age, you should never forget the power of social media in boosting businesses. If you want people to know what you are doing, set up a professional page on Instagram, Facebook, and even write a blog. Give regular updates on what you are doing. Make the pages light and interactive. Encourage more people to give feedback. The more followers you get, the higher the number of people who come to your bakery could be.

Give Good Customer Care

If you are in the service industry, you must have excellent customer care for people to keep coming back. From the moment a customer makes an inquiry, to when they come to your shop, they should feel like they are important to you. Even after-sale services such as how you wrap the cakes is part of customer care.