Once the hard work of establishing your bakery has begun to pay off, and you are starting to see an increased flow of customers, you may be wondering how you can expand your business. A popular option would be to open up your own cafe so that your visitors wouldn’t have to wait until they get home to sample your delicious cake creations. You could offer tea and coffee alongside your bakery items to create a relaxing ambience.

Make Your Customers Comfortable

If you want your visitors to linger, you need to ensure they are comfortable, and this may mean not having the typical hard-backed chairs. A pretty couch with a stylish Ikea Karlstad sofa cover would make a pleasant change and ensure your customers are relaxed. If you visit the renowned Bemz website, you will find a vast range of sofa covers in every colour and pattern you can think of. You can instantly update any of your Ikea furniture with a fresh new look.

Pick a Colour Scheme

Decorating your cafe will be great fun, and you can let your imagination run riot. You may wish to pick a specific colour as your main focus and ensure your decor and furniture match. On the Bemz website, you can choose from a huge range of colours, including neutrals, greys, blues, greens and browns, all of which would be suitable for a cafe. Once you have chosen your Bemz cover for your sofa, you can paint the walls or hang wallpaper to match.

The Sky’s the Limit

There is no reason not to expand your cafe further once its popularity takes hold. You can introduce group seating, such as a collection of armchairs. This could cater to larger parties. With Bemz covers being so affordable, you could purchase a range of them to keep your sofas and armchairs looking clean and fresh at all times. And as they are machine washable, you needn’t worry about your guests getting cake crumbs and cream on them!