In finding exactly the ideal premises for your cake bakery business you will need to take the following factors into considerations:

Are the premises situated in a very busy area, preferably a shopping center with lots of passing foot traffic? This is a very important aspect, as having a cake bakery in an out of the way place will make it difficult for potential customers to find you. It is no good having premises on the third floor of a building with no lift. Shop front space on a ground floor, preferably facing the parking area is where you want to be for all that good people exposure plus window advertising you will need.

Are there any unsavory issues with the area that you are not aware of? This you will need to find out from nearby shops in the area to get the true facts.

Not every landlord will tell you about the burglaries and bad elements in the area. You may have to weigh up the extra cost of a front-facing shop against an inside shop, but the exposure and potential to attract more customers should be your main concern here and help you decide.

Are the premises in a built-up area, and will your employees and yourself be able to get there quickly and easily? This is a big issue, as if the premises you want are in a big center far from the public transport, will your employees turn up for work, or will you have to fetch and deliver them to and from work?

Sometimes it is possible to take over premises from a previous bakery or food service shop which has equipment already installed. If this is in the right location for you then you can save enormous costs on setting up a brand new empty shop.