Once you are sure you want to be a chef specialising in baking, there are a number of routes you can take. You may try to teach yourself from good cookery books, but this will take a long time of trial and error. Alternatively you can work in a bakery and learn on the job while taking online classes or an after hours course.

The time saving of virtual attendance

If you are interested in online classes, perhaps this one is the one for you. The Global Chef and Hospitality School, hosted by Gordon Ramsay and Tante Marie, both famous chefs, Gordon for his tv shows and Tante Marie for her YouTube videos.

The courses are specifically designed to teach students the practical cookery skills needed to join ranks with their employed counterparts. Students are assessed on the practical cooking skills not their knowledge and theory. Here you will learn the core skills that are needed in a professional kitchen. Also, if you are already a baker or chef, this course will supplement what you have already learned. Besides the principles of cooking and baking, students are also taught about health and safety, as well as food hygiene practices.