To start a cake bakery business there are some business requirements that are necessary and very important. You want to stay in business so starting off the right way is always best.

Decide on a name for your business, and whether you want to register the company, with a business registering company such as a sole proprietor or a partnership. A business plan is the most important step you can take as it is your guideline as well as a funding tool to use.

Planning for success

A business plan needs to include a description of a marketing plan, how the business will be managed, and a financial management plan. Included in the financials will be included all financial aid such as a business loan, investments, funds from yourself and family too. A good idea with your business plan is to do a cash forecast for three years ahead. A good business plan can guide you and keep your business on track.

Other necessary requirements will be a health certificate as there will be visits from the inspector. Even for a home business. Health and safety precautions need to be taken when supplying food to the public. Hair nets, gloves and overalls for staff handling food products. Stainless steel is used in food industries as it cleans easily, and bacteria cannot breed on the smooth surfaces. Adequate air ventilation to prevent mold and bacteria forming, the correct temperatures for storing foods. You can inquire of your local council for the regulations here.

Getting the right stuff

Equipment needed will be your biggest outlay, so make sure you invest in hard wearing and industry appraised brands. Ovens, stoves, stainless steel preparation tables, mixing machines, baking trays, cake pans in different sizes, cooling racks, cake stands, pastry brushes, measuring equipment, and all the necessary smalls that are used for cake baking.

Other essentials include display racks, and then wrapping materials such as bags and cake boxes, take away aluminum or Styrofoam boxes, clingwrap. A cash register and stationery with flyers and pamphlets to give to customers.

A good marketing plan is to have a survey form on the counter to be filled in by customers rating your service and products. Have them add their names and email addresses for building up your customer base, which will save you money.