Do you ever wonder what goes into baking that perfect cake, for a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or just for an everyday treat? Plenty of love and skill is needed by the baker, but without the ingredients to decorate the cake, it would just be a cake, although still flavoursome.

The simple edible touches

When it comes to decorations and flavours there is an enormous selection to choose from, and decorating a cake is an art. And there are plenty of books on the subject, but the baker has to be inspired and passionate about their art to really pull off some of the masterpieces seen in cakes today. Every flavour, from chocolate, red velvet, mocha, orange, lemon, black forest, cherry, fudge, apple, and so many more flavours waiting to be discovered.

When it comes to decorations the list is endless, butter or marzipan icing, silver ribbons and bells, crystals in many colours, flowers moulded from icing, figurines, edible diamonds, shimmer, glitter, and gel sprays which are all edible. Those are just the edible parts.

The lasting wedding slice

For wedding cakes, there are silver or gold pillars, in tiers, with each layer of cake depicting silver edible balls, moulded icing flowers, on a white marzipan icing. Some wedding cakes go as high as seven layers. Do you know that you can keep a piece of wedding cake for years as it is treated with brandy to preserve it? Folklore goes that if you put the piece of wedding cake under your pillow you will dream of the person you will marry.